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Do You Need to Be Sedated for a Root Canal?

October 30, 2020

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Root canal therapy can be crucial to saving your tooth from an infection, but that doesn’t stop some people from feeling nervous about the procedure. Naturally, your mind might jump to sedation as a solution for relaxing through the process. But will you absolutely need it for root canal therapy? For some patients, the answer is yes – but it all depends on your unique situation. Read on to learn more about when your endodontist in Tacoma may – or may not – use sedation to help you relax.


5 Reasons to Choose an Endodontist Over a General Dentist

September 14, 2020

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Endodontist holding tools and looking at image of tooth

When you need root canal therapy, seeing a specialist can make all the difference. While all dentists have at least a little bit of endodontic training, less than three percent are able to call themselves endodontists. Consequently, there’s a very noticeable difference in visiting a general dentist for root canal therapy and having the procedure done by a specialist. In the following list, you’ll discover 5 reasons why you should see an endodontist for root canal therapy.


Should You Get a Root Canal or an Extraction?

September 13, 2020

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Woman rubbing jaw, visiting endodontist for tooth pain

Infected tooth pulp will never heal on its own. The longer it’s left alone, the longer bacteria will attack the soft tissues within your tooth, and they could eventually spread beyond the roots and into the jawbone. If you want to avoid a worst-case scenario, you need to make a decision on what to do about the infection. Will you simply have the damaged pulp removed with a root canal in Tacoma? Or will you have the entire tooth extracted altogether before replacing it with an implant? It’s important to understand the pros and cons of both treatments so that you can choose the one that’s right for you when you’re suffering from tooth pain.


The Consequences of Not Having a Root Canal Performed

August 27, 2020

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Root canal therapy is considered the most widely feared dental procedure. Because of that, many patients avoid visiting their endodontist in Tacoma even after being told that they need a root canal. While the anxiety is understandable, avoiding a root canal procedure will invariably lead to severe oral health issues. Here are just a few of the consequences that a patient will suffer if they don’t seek endodontic care when it’s recommended to them.


Teach Your Patients the Truth About These 4 Root Canal Myths

August 20, 2020

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Female patient with toothache waiting for root canal therapy

When many patients first hear that they need root canal therapy in Tacoma, they are likely to be nervous or even frightened. Even though the procedure is used to save millions of teeth every year, about 15 percent of Americans will avoid the treatment. Such anxiety can be directly linked to the numerous myths about root canal therapy that have persisted over the years. Below are 4 examples of such myths – and the truth behind them that could help put worried patients at ease.


5 Signs You Need to Send Your Patient to an Endodontist

July 22, 2020

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Gray-haired woman with tooth pain rubbing jaw on couch

When the pulp at the center of the tooth is infected or inflamed, it needs to be removed as soon as possible via root canal therapy. Otherwise, the tooth could be lost, and the damage could spread throughout the patient’s mouth. But how will you know when it’s time to refer them to an endodontist in Tacoma? You’ll need to perform a thorough examination and consider all of your patient’s symptoms before you make that decision. In this post, you can learn more about 5 warning signs of an infection that might require a root canal.


GentleWave: A Simpler, Faster Way to Perform Root Canals

July 15, 2020

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In any given dental field, the level of care that a practice can provide depends heavily on the kind of technology it employs. Endodontics is no exception. Thanks to advancements such as GentleWave, an endodontist in Tacoma is able to perform root canal therapy more efficiently and comfortably than ever before. This makes the process as a whole more pleasant and convenient for patients. Read on to learn more about what can be expected when GentleWave is used to treat an infected tooth.


In-vivo microbiologic evaluation of polytetrafluoroethylene and cotton as endodontic spacer materials

July 14, 2020

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Tina Olsson, DMD, MSD1/Daniel Chan, DDS, MS2/James D. Johnson, DDS, MS3/Avina Paranjpe, BDS, MS, MSD, PhD4


Minimally Invasive Endodontics: A Better Way to Save the Tooth

June 27, 2020

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Row of teeth with one showing a root canal

Root canal therapy has an undeserved reputation for being particularly painful. If anything, your endodontist in Tacoma is particularly focused on making sure you’re as comfortable as possible during your treatment. They also are greatly concerned with preserving the natural structure of your teeth so as to prevent unnecessary damage – and possible extractions – in the future. For these reasons, many endodontists have adopted minimally invasive techniques for performing root canals; read on to learn more about this approach and what the benefits are.


Why You Now Need to Rinse Your Mouth Before Your Endodontic Appointment

June 17, 2020

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Hands pouring mouth rinse into a lid

With the threat that COVID-19 poses to older patients and those with compromised immune systems, your endodontist in Tacoma has had to change the way their practice handles safety and hygiene. In addition to the strict protocols they were following before, they have also adopted a number of additional steps meant to prevent the spread of infection, such as performing a pre-screening before each appointment or wearing a protective coat along with two layers of masks. In particular, you may notice that you’re being asked to rinse your mouth before your treatment begins. Why is this step important, and does it really help protect you against COVID-19? Read on to learn more about the difference mouthwash can make in an endodontist’s office.

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