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Frequently Asked Endodontic Questions – Tacoma, WA

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For many, it’s their first time receiving endodontic care once they visit our office. If your general dentist recommended us, we want to emphasize that we are with you every step of the way and more than ready to answer your most specific questions. Over the years, we’ve had the time to archive the most common questions we receive and answer them below, so you can be more informed prior to your next (or first) visit.

How can you ensure my treatment is comfortable?

Part of making you as comfortable as possible during your treatment at South Sound Endodontics is making sure we explain each step of your procedure beforehand so there are no surprises. It also means opting for alternative methods to make your care better overall, such as through the GentleWave technology we have in-office. Since it uses ultrasonic vibrations to clean and remove harmful debris and tissue, treatment becomes much easier to complete.

Do you have sedation options?

Not only do we have nitrous oxide, oral conscious sedation, and IV sedation available all in-house, but you can also have these services provided by Dr. Adam Olsson, our dedicated anesthesiologist. He and our other dental assistants will make sure that you feel fully comfortable and prepared for treatment should you need any level of sedation.

What should I expect after my treatment?

Regardless of the type of treatment you receive, it’s important that you follow all aftercare instructions from our office. This ensures that your tooth does not become damaged or re-infected, saving you money and discomfort moving forward. We’ll always go over them in detail at your appointment and following the procedure so you can protect your tooth as it begins the healing process.

Does root canal therapy hurt?

It’s a common misconception that root canal therapy causes major discomfort, but the reality is the opposite is true. To start, we always provide local anesthetics to your tooth and surrounding gum tissue, so the affected area is numbed. In fact, most patients compare receiving a root canal to having a dental filling placed. You’re more likely to experience discomfort if you avoid seeking treatment entirely.

Do you handle dental emergencies?

We are more than happy to handle your dental emergency, even if you are a brand-new patient. We make sure to include time in our daily schedule to account for dental emergencies if they occur. All new patients are given a card complete with Dr. Tina Olsson’s phone number, so you can be in direct contact with her in the event you experience a toothache or dental injury that leaves your root damaged or exposed.

Do you accept my insurance?

We accept many major dental insurance plans, including those often provided to military service members. Of course, we also provide financing through CareCredit if your insurance does not cover all of your necessary costs.

What happens if I don’t seek treatment?

In the event of an oral infection, your tooth will only continue to experience severe discomfort. Not only will the risk of your tooth falling out go up, but you actually put your remaining teeth at risk as well as oral infections can spread rapidly to other teeth.