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GentleWave Root Canal Technology – Tacoma, WA

An Advanced Way to Save Your Tooth

GentleWave technology

Once the pulp has been removed from the root canal, the space needs to be cleaned so that any remaining bacteria or debris don’t cause a new infection. While this has traditionally been done with metal tools, some areas are more difficult to reach than others. But thanks to GentleWave root canal technology in Tacoma, WA used by Dr. Olsson, you can enjoy a faster, more efficient cleaning that thoroughly sterilizes the tooth. Contact our practice today to learn more about root canal therapy enhanced by GentleWave.

Why Choose South Sound Endodontics for GentleWave Root Canal Therapy?

  • Lower the Risk of Reinfection
  • Preserve More of the Tooth’s Structure
  • A More Thorough Cleaning with Fewer Appointments

What is Root Canal Therapy?

GentleWave root canal hand tools

During a root canal therapy, a small access hole is made in the tooth, exposing the pulp chamber. Dr. Olsson will remove the pulp along with any other debris. After that, the tooth needs to be thoroughly cleaned before being filled and sealed; this is to prevent recontamination. Thanks to this procedure, we can save your infected tooth and help you alleviate your pain.

How is GentleWave Used During Root Canal Therapy?

Animation of GentelWave root canal process

GentleWave Ultracleaning uses a combination of sound waves and special fluids to reach the deepest portions of the complex root canal system, removing any remaining bacteria as well as infected debris and tissue. Even microscopically small spaces are thoroughly disinfected. This offers a major advantage over traditional root canal therapy, where as much as 60 percent of bacteria could be missed during cleaning, increasing the risk of decontamination. GentleWave thoroughly removes harmful substances from the tooth over the course of a single session. This greatly lowers the chances that you’ll need to be treated for a second infection.

What are the Advantages of GentleWave?

GentleWave chairside computer system

By using the GentleWave System, we offer our patients all kinds of benefits, such as:

  • Less Invasive Cleaning: With GentleWave, we can let the sound waves and fluids do all the work without using metal tools, making this stage of the procedure far more comfortable.
  • Preserving Tooth Structure: When the root canal is cleaned by metal tools, some of the tooth’s structure ends up being removed. The GentleWave procedure lets us avoid this, thereby helping the tooth maintain its strength.
  • Efficient & Thorough: A cleaning done by GentleWave technology is up to eight times faster than a traditional approach and still reaches tight spaces that might have been missed otherwise.
  • Shortened Treatment Time: It takes just one appointment to thoroughly clean the tooth and permanently seal it using GentleWave, and you’re less likely to need additional treatments later.