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Root Canal Therapy – Tacoma, WA

Removing Infections & Protecting Your Teeth

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Root canal therapy is a widely misunderstood procedure. It has a reputation for being extremely painful, but the truth is the goal of the procedure is to help patients get out of pain! Dr. Olsson can locate and remove any infected tissue in your tooth, preventing the damage from getting worse and potentially saving you from needing an extraction. If you’ve been told you need root canal therapy in Tacoma, WA or have a persistent toothache that won’t go away, call South Sound Endodontics today.

Why Choose South Sound Endodontics for Root Canal Therapy?

  • Multiple Levels of Sedation Available
  • Endodontist with Years of Experience and Specialty Training
  • State-of-the Art Treatment Using GentleWave Technology

What is Root Canal Therapy?

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The root canal is the hollow part of the tooth that contains the pulp – a collection of nerve tissues, blood vessels, and other cells. When the pulp is healthy, it nourishes the tooth. However, if the pulp becomes infected, it can cause a persistent toothache. Eventually, if the damage to the tooth is too great, it will need to be removed altogether. Root canal therapy is the process of removing infected pulp in order to stop the pain and save the tooth. Dr. Olsson has been using this procedure to keep her patients’ smiles intact for over 15 years.

How Do I Know If I Need Root Canal Therapy?

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There are many different kinds of tooth pain and they don’t all require root canal therapy. The treatment is usually performed on teeth that have become severely infected. Call our practice right away if you notice any of the following warning signs:

  • Tooth pain that won’t go away, especially while eating or whenever you put pressure on the area
  • Sensitivity to hot and cold that lasts long after the hot or cold stimuli is removed
  • A small bump on the gums near the affected tooth
  • Darkened teeth
  • Tender or swollen gums

Do I Need a Root Canal

What Can I Expect During Root Canal Therapy?

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We’ll use local anesthesia or a form of dental sedation to minimize your discomfort during the procedure. A small access hole is created, and the pulp is removed along with any other decayed tissue. We’ll then thoroughly clean and sterilize the inside of your tooth. The final step is to seal the tooth with a crown to hold it together and protect it from further damage.

You can expect some discomfort in the days following root canal therapy; you may need to use over-the-counter pain medications while recovering. Also, you’ll need to avoid chewing any hard foods immediately after the procedure.

GentleWave Root Canal Technology

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Today, root canal therapy is more comfortable and less invasive than ever, thanks in no small part to advances in dental technology over the years. At South Sound Endodontics, we’re proud to offer the state-of-the-art GentleWave system as part of root canal therapy. This technology uses advanced fluid dynamics and soundwaves to remove harmful bacteria, debris, and tissues in the tooth. Not only is this far less invasive than a regular cleaning, but it also lowers the risk of the tooth becoming re-infected in the future. Talk to Dr. Olsson and ask how GentleWave can be used to enhance your endodontic treatment.

Learn More About GentleWave